Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale is a listing of the different markets in home sales and explains how they work and what you need to pay attention to when buying or selling your home. One thing right at the beginning: There is really only one all important criteria when looking at real estate: LOCATION! - You can change just about everything about a home, but it's location. Your home will always stay where it is (unless it has wheels and is a mobile home). So attach a lot of attention to this number one decision criteria. My real estate mentor, a guy with over 40 years in the market, told me "There are really only three things that you should consider when looking for a home: location, location, location."

Homes for Sale by Owner

If you are a buyer, then homes for sale by owner can be real bargains. Often people who sell themselves think they know better than a real estate agent - sometimes they really do!. More often they would have been better off taking professional advice for selling their home. The price of such homes can be quite interesting and you could pick up a new home at a bargain price.

Homes for Sale - Real Estate Agent

Provided there are a few real estate agents in the area, you can be quite sure to get realistic offers from realtors. Watch out if there's only one realtor in the area. They may try and inflate prices and due to lack of competition they often get away with it.

Luxury Homes for Sale

The luxury homes market is different from the 'normal' homes market. Here, the location is even more important! But then it's nearly impossible to compare with other homes, as each luxury home has it's own features and specialties, that can not easily compared to homes in the area. Price is really in the eye of the beholder. If you really like what you see it's up to your negociations skills to determine at what price you'll get it.

Mobile Homes for Sale

Mobile Homes have the advantage that they can be transported, so mobile homes location can be changed. This costs some dollars, but it's doable without too much trouble. So if you need to start off in a less than ideal location due to lack of funds, it's quite OK, just put the savings from living in your own home away and then move on as the budget allows.

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Homes for Sale